Cheap Handloom Lungi Sarong


Cheap Handloom Lungi Sarong wholesale price. These lungi sarongs are made from high-quality yarn and processed using handmade (no Industrial Machine) Manufactured through rigorous quality selection, producing a quality sarong that is brilliant, does not fade and is not dull so it is suitable for your daily needs and is very comfortable to wear

Cheap Handloom Lungi Sarong wholesale price.:

*Adult Standard Size
*The material is smooth,
*Does not fade and is not dull
*Material: mix cotton and rayon
*Already stitched sarong (rounded sarong)

In 1 box the contents of 10 pieces only consist of 1 type of motive (can’t mix motives), but it has mixed colors

Minimum order is 10 pieces and multiples thereof (Example: 10/20/30 pieces and so on)
*Original color series from the factory.
*Different boxes can have different color series.
*Each Sarong will pack in plastic

**Photos are only an illustration of colors and motifs

handloom sarong lungi wholesale price

cheap handloom sarong lungi

cheap handloom lungi sarong

handloom sarong lungi wholesale

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